We Only Partner With Those That Can Genuinely Help Us Enhance Our Service For The Benefit Of Our Clients

Our Partners


Adriaan Kleingeld - CEO & Founder at Hospitality Software Development Services (HSDS):

"I have been running Software Companies developing solutions for the Hospitality Industry for a little over 20 years. When Dominic contacted us through our website, I thought why not give him a call immediately.

I chatted with Dominic on Skype for about 30 minutes and it was immediately clear that this guy was smart...and I liked him, after all it's much easier to communicate with people who know their business.

I did not show Dominic anything in the call, we just chatted, I wanted to understand his vision and requirements. I suggested I introduce him to a couple of clients using our Revenue Management System (RMS). One client was IP-Hoteles, the biggest Revenue Management Company in Latin America, based in Buenos Aires, who support over 700 hotels. The owner, Ignacio Pena, said he would be happy to chat and help Dominic in any way he could. The second client was IFHG, the leading Revenue Management Company in Benelux and I introduced him to Remon de Korte, an exceedingly knowledgeable Revenue Manager.

A few weeks later Dominic wrote me an email telling me he had great conversations with both Ignacio & Remon and he would love to start our collaboration. A "Partnership" is not one company selling another company a product or a service, for HSDS a "Partnership" is a long term relationship with clear goals and values where people (our Development / Support Teams) build relationships and trust with our Partners to deliver outstanding results. We do not just Partner with anybody, so I am personally very excited to go on this journey with Dominic and his company MavREV."

Dominic Jackson - Founder at MavREV

"I found Adriaan via LinkedIn and quickly learned via his company website that his companies had extensive experience building products and services, such as Revenue Management Systems, for the hospitality industry, so I reached out to him.

Adriaan subsequently invited me to speak with him via Skype and I immediately took to his no-nonsense and transparent approach and enjoyed listening to him articulate his story and tell me about the history of his company.

He was then kind enough to offer to introduce me to Remon de Korte and Ignacio Pena so that I could ask any further questions that I may have and it was great to meet them both too - to learn more about them, the RMS's they were using and how Ignacio has built IP-Hoteles in to the largest Revenue Management Company in Latin America.

I had been searching for a partner to power our first RMS for some time and it became clear to me, after taking the time to speak with Adriaan, Remon & Ignacio, that HSDS would be a great choice to help us enhance our service and continue to deliver extraordinary results for our clients and we are very excited by the opportunities that this partnership presents us with."