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MavREV Joins The Revenue Management Alliance

04 | August | 2021

We are delighted to announce that we have recently become a Member of the Revenue Management Alliance, a group of agile, successful like-minded Hotel Revenue Management Companies and related Hotel Technology suppliers all over the world.

Adriaan Kleingeld, Co-Founder of the Revenue Management Alliance:

"People do not buy Software to own Software, they buy Software to resolve problems, increase efficiency and profitability. I compare Software and Users to Formula 1 teams...two exact same Ferrari's perform differently when driven by the teams two different drivers.

Revenue Management is exactly the same, to do the best job, you need the right drivers (Users) at the wheel.

Dominic is an extremely likeable, knowledgeable Revenue Management Professional, with his 'drive' and experience you can be sure and trust that you will get the very best results!

Dominic - it's great to have you on-board the team!" 

Dominic Jackson, Founder of MavREV:


"Efficiency, Quality and Profitability are absolutely essential for any high performing business and by joining the Revenue Management Alliance, you can gain access to a Virtual Revenue Management Cloud Centre, equipped with complete Hotel Revenue Management Back-Office platforms and make great use of a well-established infrastructure of expertise, software and streamlined workflows.

We are honoured to become a Member of the Revenue Management Alliance and look forward to collaborating with, learning from and sharing our expertise with our fellow members, for the continued benefit of clients of all members."

Revenue Optimisation Service for Hotels & Accommodation Providers

MavREV provides Total Revenue Optimisation expertise remotely - enabling the delivery of a Total Revenue Optimisation service to properties that are keen to improve their revenue performance at a fraction of the cost associated with employing a revenue professional.

With over 10 years' experience in Revenue Optimisation and partners with over 20 years' experience in the hospitality industry, MavREV serves multiple properties in the UK.

Interested in a Revenue Optimisation Service that utilises Revenue Management Software, joining the Revenue Management Alliance or benefiting from the Products & Services available? Contact us or the Revenue Management Alliance and we will be happy to help you.

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MavREV Partners With HSDS

 18 | June | 2021

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Hospitality Software Development Services (HSDS), who specialise in Cloud Solutions for the Hospitality Industry, to power our first Revenue Management Software (RMS), MavPERFORM.

Adriaan Kleingeld, CEO & Founder of HSDS said: "We, at HSDS, have been building sofware for 20 years as a team. HSDS technology powers leading Hotel Brands, Hotel Management Companies, Revenue Management Companies, Revenue Management Centres, Hospitality Technology Suppliers across the Globe. Working together with professional Revenue Management Companies has multiple benefits, like having the knowledge required to use the software to its maximum capacity ensuring that clients and partners alike are happy. Getting qualified professional feedback also guarantees our research and development is led by true market needs."

Dominic Jackson, Founder of MavREV, stated: "MavREV's clients regularly outperform their competitors utilising our Revenue Optimisation Service, but we truly believe that by partnering with HSDS to power our first RMS, MavPERFORM, we can achieve an even greater level of performance for the hotels and accommodation providers that we serve in the UK."

"MavPERFORM RMS brings together past, present and future data from multiple sources to calculate optimal prices, based upon facts, to maximise RevPAR, using automated processes and integrated technology. Benchmark performance against your competitors, your local market and trends and evaluate your performance using reports designed by Revenue Management experts."

Revenue Optimisation Service for Hotels & Accommodation Providers

Interested in a Revenue Optimisation Service that utilises Revenue Management Software or another Hospitality Software Solution for your property? Contact us or HSDS and we will be happy to help you.