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We're Elevating Revenue Strategy To Realise Hotels & Accommodation Revenue Potential

Why We're Here

"Over the last ten years that I have served as a Revenue Manager and a Director of Revenue Management, I have seen how Total Revenue Optimisation - the process by which the entirety of products and/or services made available for sale by a property are most effectively sold to maximise both revenues and profits, can, genuinely, provide an opportunity for hotels and accommodation to realise their true revenue potential and thrive.

However, as is often the case whereby specialist skills are required, there is a distinct lack of great talent available, with more jobs often being created than there are capable people to fulfil them and those that can inundated with offers from employers who are willing to do what is necessary to ensure that they attract, recruit and subsequently retain the greatest talent.

At MavREV, we provide Total Revenue Optimisation expertise remotely – enabling us to deliver a Total Revenue Optimisation service to properties that are keen to improve their revenue performance at a fraction of the cost associated with employing a revenue professional."


Dominic Jackson

Certified Revenue Management Executive (CRME), HSMAI

Founder, MavREV

About MavREV

Our Founder, Dominic Jackson, CRME, began learning Revenue Management in his hometown of York, North Yorkshire (UK) at Hotel 53 in 2010. Revenue performance had, historically, been inconsistent with expectations and he quickly began to ascertain why.

As he began to realise the hotel’s true revenue potential, he focused on driving total hotel profitability by taking the time, first to understand and then to use sophisticated data analytics, which subsequently enabled him to communicate, influence and lead a new revenue strategy, which was understood by all internal stakeholders.

Dominic went on to join HRH Group in Harrogate, North Yorkshire (UK) as a Director of Revenue Management for five properties in 2013 before founding what is now known as MavREV in 2016 and he has been focused on realising hotels and accommodation true revenue potential ever since.

“If You’re The Kind Of Property Owner Who Wants To Be Free To Focus Upon Your Guest Experience, We Have A Service For You. We Forecast Your Future Revenue, Control Your Inventory, Define Your Pricing Within Your Defined Commercial Frameworks, Segment Your Different Customer Types, Develop Your Distribution Strategy & Much More.”

Why MavREV?

Dominic found inspiration during lockdown in the UK when reading books, such as those by Optimist & Author Simon Sinek and Co-Chief Investment Officer & Co-Chairman of Bridgewater Associates, L.P. Ray Dalio, which are now guiding him in his endeavours to provide a service with purpose: using Total Revenue Optimisation to realise hotels and accommodation true potential.

Dominic is independent-minded and unorthodox and has consequently been dubbed a “Maverick”, which is ironic given that his role requires him to be prescriptive – making decisions that will achieve the overall revenue goals for hotels and accommodation.

MavREV is the name he has given to the company to reflect its unique approach to the application of Total Revenue Optimisation.